Feminism: Social Espionage



The battle lines have been drawn, the daggers are out, and the warriors call for blood. Yes, this is a battle that has been brewing since the age of the suffrage movement; unlike the great wars in the past, this a war of hearts and minds. Like a chess game, you have to watch the opponents every move; the collateral damage is already being felt—hundreds of broken families, hundreds of murdered spouses and lovers, and thousands of single-mother families. However, as the say goes, “let’s just blame it on the other gender!” the worst is yet to come; the collateral damage is just the tip of the iceberg! All in the name of feminism.

Our society is normalizing thottery, applauding degenerate women, and electing them in regional development boards (could be nominated for diversity and the two-thirds gender bullshit).   Like espionage, feminism is slowly degrading the social fabric that for centauries has held our society together, family. Like William Butler Yeats stated, “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”  Yeah, anarchy is upon the world!

Feminists and the feminism movement craves privilege and power. Typically the philosophy of feminist and feminism is a traditionalist in ways that benefit women (men facilitate road trips, buy their hair); however, the become progressive where traditionalism would curtail their power (reluctance to trust women with leadership). Just like in the act of espionage, feminism has mastered the art of demoralization, destabilization, and crisis to normalization. The movement has achieved this through glossing over the influence of feminine, soft power in the society and comparing men and women from an economical and political perspective. In taking upon the skewed power approach, the feminist prey upon humanity’s propensity to take pity on women throwing in the myth of powerlessness to achieve the redistribution of power to them. A phenomenon that only equates to demoralization.

Feminists further advance their social espionage to the next level, Destabilization.  This phase involves the programming of people and society to think in a certain manner and react to particular stimuli. In the Kenyan context, the feminization of mass media with eloquent yet diabolical characters like the Caroline Mutuko’s and Okwaras who blatantly assault men on their preference of women (we date light-skinned women because that’s what we prefer) and their hard work while at the same time using vulnerable girls and women to advance their agenda creates a barrier of lies of the truth and the reality programming the consumers of such content to think and react to certain in a certain manner.  Further, other media personalities like Ciku have attempted to capitalize on men’s vulnerability by asking them to pay for “counseling services,” making it seem like the masculine gender is the weaker one. Furthermore, during this phase of the espionage, feminism craftily highlights the areas female incompetencies in areas that men have excelled and redefine them as either inequality or injustices by blaming the male for the female ineptitudes and then legally mandates the promotion of women in the said areas as currently seen in the ridiculous two-thirds gender rule.

The last and final step of social espionage as advanced by feminism is the crisis to normalize Kenya’s current state.  The crisis that has been caused by feminism is well documented. Typically the male children have been excluded in gender equality as much as our society is patriarchal and places a high premium on the boy child. Attention has been directed to girls through various selective programs and affirmative action interventions forcing the boys to develop low self-worth. There is another crisis in the legal system, particularly under the Sexual Offences Act states that have seen juvenile males face jail terms for peer relationships. The crisis also manifests in depression and suicidal ideation among young boys, truancy, and gender-based violence. Ultimately, we will have an impaired nation with a high dependency ration, low skills development, and entrepreneurship. From the social perspective, the crisis already manifests in failed marriages (name any five happily married feminists), dysfunctional families, and a high prevalence of gender-based violence. The last nail in the coffin of the social espionage is the normalization. The normalization phase is what seems to be a stumbling block for the Kenyan feminism movement and other feminists all around the world. Normalization involves society adopting new ideologies and realities. This phase has failed for various reasons