Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Intel Makes Changes To How Antivirus Programs Scan Your Machine.Improved Performance:Details

If you are a frequent user of a computer you are moat likely to be familiar with the term computer Antivirus Software.These are computer programs that are used to detect, prevent and remove harmful software from your computer.examples of antivirus software are Avast Antivirus Software and Kerpsersky Computer security.These modern antivirus programs protects the users computer from a variety of threats such as malicious browser helper objects,rootkits, back-doors,Trojan horses, worms, adware among other threats.

These anti malicious software running on a computer affects the performance of a computer. This is because the antivirus software requires CPU resources to scan the computer and this adversely affects performance of the computer hence slowing it down.
The company Intel is finally providing a solution to this problem by allowing virus scanners to use Integrated Graphics chip sets to scan for threats.This will allow a machine to save battery life and improve its performance.This is set to reduce CPU utilization from 20 Percent to 2 Percent.

Intel is currently working with Microsoft to implement this change with Microsoft already using the technology in Windows Defender Advanced Protection in April 2018.
With these new changes we are finally optimistic of our computers being secure and performing optimally.