Sunday, 29 October 2017

Face of Nivea nominations

Reigning Face of Nivea Top Winnier , Celly Rue From Strathmore University.She is the daughrt of the Kenyan songstress Akothee

 Face of Nivea nominations are currently ongoing on Facebook. Beauty queens from all Universities across Kenya are expected to be battling it out for the prize, the face of Nivea.  Participants are required to like the photo of their choice from the photos of the beauty queens in order to count as a vote. One can also nominate a participant by uploading their photos to Nivea’s comment section on their page on Facebook. One can also use the hashtag #FaceOfNivea on tweeter to nominate a campus beauty for nomination.

  1.Kenyatta University.

    Miss Kenyatta University Mary Mwihaki Njogu is also said to be in the ultimate race for the face of Nivea. She is a passionate model and has used the platform to uplift others in the society in terms of CSR, especially helping kids. She is also alongside Bentah Mueni the current Miss KUSA (Kenyatta University Students Association). She is a strong and passionate lady who is positive about life.

    2.Multimedia University.

       Kezia Wamiru who is an amazing model and an inspiration was also nominated alongside Sheryl Ayiera who is the current Miss Multimedia University is also expected to make an appearance at the face of Nivea. Her long resumé includes fashion designing, a stylist and is also passionate about skin care products.

    3. Meru University of Science and Technology.

        Lorraine Amwoma who is a committed model and the current Miss Meru University (2017/2018). She is passionate about the environment and community health.
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    4. Jomo Kenyatta University.

     Margret Muchemi who is also an ambitious and futuristic model with a guided sense of direction is also expected to grace the runway. Morine Njeri is also a model with a beautiful smile that matches her sense of judgement.

    5.Strathmore University.

        Celly Rue Brown was also nominated to the face of miss Nivea and people are expected to have a mind-blowing experience.

    6. University of Nairobi.

       Quiney Musiega, who is a law student brings her sense of creativity, sense of fashion and kind heart makes her stand out. Vallary Ketty from the university is supper intelligent, emotionally and psychologically competent.

    7. Mount Kenya University.

      Barbra Muthoni enters the scene through a nomination and is also the current Miss MKU. She brings beauty and intelligence to the scene.

    As these beauties from various Universities battle it out during the Face of Nivea event, only time will tell when beauty and brains come to play.Kenya Institute of Highway and Building technology had the beautiful Leah Mwaura who is the current Miss Sisimka Festival (2017), USIU had Mckenna Njambi, Waruguru Mugoh from Nazarene University, Cooperative University had Ashley Kiumbiro, Itai Melanie from Daystar University and Cherry Ooro from Maseno University among others were also nominated.

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