Wednesday, 23 May 2018

British Child Molester Found Guilty For Raping Girls In Kenya While On Holiday

Keith Morris is a British man aged 72 from Hull was recently found guilty for raping two girls while on his holiday in Kenya in 2016 and 2017 according to the National Crime Agency.He was facing 13 charges which he denied and they also included rape and assault.According to Crown Prosecution Service the man had become a friend of the victims families for over 20 years and had been sending the money over the years.He provided household goods,clothing and even went further and paid school fees for some of the families' children.Thee old man would lure the young girls with sweets ,make up and trips which he went with them and after the whole day of fun he would then take the girls to his hotel room and molest them.
These heinous acts would have continued if it were not for a complaint raised by one of the hotel guests who reported the issue to the hotel management.
The old man was later arrested in February 2017 and a Dictaphone was confiscated from his premises.The Dictaphone provided very vital audio evidence of him forcing the victims to admit that he had not sexually molested them.He was also found guilty of obstruction of justice when he was found to have been colluding with some of his friends from Kenya to help prove his innocence.
He has been convicted with four counts of rape, three counts of assault by penetration ,four counts of sexual assault and two counts of obstruction of justice.He currently awaits his sentencing in Leeds later in July 17.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Mobile Technology in Africa

 Mobile Technology is a term usually used to refer to portable devices  like mobile phones.It is usually a device  that can perform, more than one function like internet access, GPS and so on.Mobile Technology uses Code Division Multiple Access which uses many transmitters to send data on a single channel.The rapid evolution of mobile technology has been considered as the future of computing since the dominance of wireless portable devices have started becoming popular world wide with major companies making millions in dollars manufacturing mobile phone devices.
With the introduction of Android operating system by google the mobile platform has given jobs top millions of android application developers world wide.

With the increase of players in the mobile market the competition for the piece of the pie has been tough over the years with mostly Apple IPhone and Android  dominating the market.
The mobile sector has also given birth to a new concept called Big Data .It that has been the buzz over the internet for a few years now with concentration increasing exponentially over the few couple of years with major companies like Google's Android being some of the major beneficiaries of the data they mine off the consumers of their myriad of products on the internet.

That's probably why the created their browsers Google Chrome. That way they get more reliable data to enable the company to deliver a more personalized experience for their users.Of course this is only possible at the price of personal privacy.
Mobile phones have enabled people to connect faster through social media, video calls,short messages, audio messages.They also provide news and mobile phone games available free for download in mobile app stores like Google's Play Store and Windows Store for windows Tablets or Surface Devices.

In Kenya the mobile phone industry keeps growing with mobile phone subscribers increasing annually mostly for the main telecommunications company Safaricom Kenya.People use mobile phones to send money from one person to another using their mobile phones.This innovation is only around a decade old and has pushed safaricom Limited to the top most earning companies in Africa and East Africa.
The face of mobile Technology is rapidly changing and it is here to dominate.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Intel Makes Changes To How Antivirus Programs Scan Your Machine.Improved Performance:Details

If you are a frequent user of a computer you are moat likely to be familiar with the term computer Antivirus Software.These are computer programs that are used to detect, prevent and remove harmful software from your computer.examples of antivirus software are Avast Antivirus Software and Kerpsersky Computer security.These modern antivirus programs protects the users computer from a variety of threats such as malicious browser helper objects,rootkits, back-doors,Trojan horses, worms, adware among other threats.

These anti malicious software running on a computer affects the performance of a computer. This is because the antivirus software requires CPU resources to scan the computer and this adversely affects performance of the computer hence slowing it down.
The company Intel is finally providing a solution to this problem by allowing virus scanners to use Integrated Graphics chip sets to scan for threats.This will allow a machine to save battery life and improve its performance.This is set to reduce CPU utilization from 20 Percent to 2 Percent.

Intel is currently working with Microsoft to implement this change with Microsoft already using the technology in Windows Defender Advanced Protection in April 2018.
With these new changes we are finally optimistic of our computers being secure and performing optimally.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Did you know Jumia Phones could be just the next Amazon in Africa?Everything you need to know about Jumia Group Africa

If you have not heard about Jumia phones in Africa then you have not been spending a lot of time on the world wide web. This may be through Facebook or even when looking for a job online you may have bumped into Jumia somewhere online.
Jumia was previously known as the Africa Internet Group which is a company founded in 2012 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec. Jumia has about 1000-3000 employees working to improve the platform.Jumia platform is tailored for the needs of the African continent aiming at some of the challenges that Africa is currently facing like poor infrastructure, bad traffic and poor choice of goods availabe to the millions of people on the African content.With the fast penetration of the internet in Africa with many people starting to get online Jumia has managed to tap into the e-Commerce scene in Africa just like Amazon in the United States.
Jumia is an online platform for shopping just like offering delivery of goods bought online to the customers in a station near them.It has improved the way people do shopping in Africa and me being in Kenya i have personally bought my mobile phone from jumia.
The website has some pretty cool offers like Jumia Black Friday, Mobile Weeks and Jumia Home Makeover which run from time to time with millions of sales everyday and deliveries done round the clock within Africa.Jumia has successfully sank its teeth in 11 African countries and growing steadily. The website has undergone a massive structural change with more services added to the platform.The website now offers goods and services in the following categories.

  1. Classifieds
  2. Commercia Delivery
  3. E-Commerce
  4. E-Commerce Platforms 
  5. Fashion Food and Beverage 
  6. Food Delivery Hospitality
  7.  Hotel Information Services
  8. Internet 
  9. Marketplace
  10. Online Portals
  11.  Real Estate
  12.  Recruiting
  13. Restaurants
  14.  Retail
  15. Search Engine 
  16. Shopping 
  17. Travel
  18. Travel Accommodations 
Jumia also has a little something for web developers in the form of the Jumia Affiliate Program which is an affiliate program for jumia.I have written an indeth article on how to make money on jumia as an affiliate.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Google Planning to Ban Cryptocurrency Adverts

The tech giant Google is planning to ban cryptocurrecny related adverts from its platform. Google is updating its financial services ads related content on their platforms. The crackdown also applies to Wallets, Initial Coin Offerings and ads on trading advice.Google is planning to roll out this update in June 2018 following Facebook's ban that was also announced early this year. The two companies feel that they have seen too many ads related to cryptocurrencies that may cause consumer harm.
Even though cryptocurrency ,market has generated a lot  of wealth for many people this field still remains vastly uncontrolled. This is a major concern as it may lead to very high profile scams.This news came as Google released its annual trust and safety ads report.
Google has come to this conclusion after taking down more than 3.2 billion ads that violated their policies.
It is understandable why google may want to make the ads space safer for its users as Google's parent company Alphabet gets 84% of its earnings from advertising.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

US Secretary of State Fired by Trump after Visit to Kenya!!

Photo Courtesy Standard Digital: Rex Tillerson in Kenya

The U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been ousted by the U.S President Donald Trump. The President plans on replacing Tillerson with the CIA Director Mike Pompeo.Trump asked him to step aside. This cut short his visit to Kenya as he had to return to Washington DC immediately to address more "pressing matters". The tension between the president and his top diplomat has been growing for the past few months and reached breaking point last week when he finally asked Tillerson to step aside amid on going delicate negotiations  with North Korea. This signifies a major change to the President's national security team at such a crucial time.

The reason for his firing still remains unclear. According to the spokesperson for the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson had no idea why he was fired.
The Director of the Criminal Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo will replace Rex Tillerson while the current deputy Director of the CIA ,Gina Haspel will succeed Mike Pompeo as Director of the CIA making her the first female to ever head the CIA since it was formed.
However the Trump nominees will still have to go through the Senate for confirmation.Tillerson felt that he was left out of the loop when President Trump aggreed to meet North Korea Leader .He had insisted on a diplomatic approach on the nuclear stand off between the U.S and North Korea.Pompeo, who had developed a good rapport with the President of the US as the Director of the CIA has long been rumoured as Tillerson's replacement. Trump's latest move confirms this rumour.Tillersons removal had been wildly anticipated and even had a nickname "Rexit".This rumor had been made even stronger in November 2017 when NBC news reported that Tillerson had called Trump a "moron".

Sunday, 11 March 2018

10 Things to do to Make your man beg for a sleepover

So girls let us make this very straight : never let any man sleepover at your place. you are at no one point allowed to serve food,  wash dishes and give a bombass sex in one place.  Let it all be that when you break up, the only loss you encounter is your vajayjay's elasticity.  Rule number two,  don't have sex with  a man more than a night.  When you sleep and wake up,  it's your time to get moving.  Don't wife yourself to a man who doesn't have a ring. 
There is no life without a woman.  They need us. It's fine,  they don't want commitment, let him go buy a baby in the hospital.  The following are top ten things you should do in a sleepover.

1. Arrive late
Simply because he invited you over,  you don't have to arrive there at in the morning. This is for the safety of your nails and your restrictions from doing wifely duties on a girlfriend contaract. Think of it, the earlier you get there the more you face the temptation of giving him just a hand job and a hand in his dirty dishes because you want to prove how feminine you are.  The less time you spend with him, the better.

2. Carry a purse, small enough to fit an extra thong
Your dowry has not yet been paid.  So no big baskets. You want to have an extra of everything, shoes,  clothes, hats, coat. It's exhausting.  You are practically moving into his house even if it's fwd-arrangement. The next time he will want to come to your place just to get rid of you when he wants to. Let him buy that new toothbrush for you, and make sure you carry it back home.  Don't let another woman use it to lie her baby hair.
3.  Eat wash, your face and go to 'sleep'
Enough with long stories.  Let him talk. Let him do his things.  Take your time as if you are studying him,  let him play his playlist, his TV station.  If he bore you too much,  give him a sloppy head.  And it's true what they say,  the noisier the head,  the faster he gonna shoot.  If not,  you might be really demotivated with a painful neck. After your prayer partnership,  go to sleep.  Cuddles is for your teddy bear.
4. Remove your clothes,  arrange and keep them neatly and go naked in bed
He knows you need a T-shirt.  If he won't give you,  sleep with a curve on your back. Round two should not come anything earlier than midnight. They start sleeping at 2am, this is the time to start your coup.  Be dirty and be nasty.  Touch him,  caress him,  massage his big belly. Make it awkward for him that you want to fuck him.  Then do it.  Play with that joystick as if you are possessed by a black stallion.  Do it how you want it,  feel it,  fill it in you,  moan,  groan, at least once in a while call his name.  Nothing more. Don't ask silly questions like "ni tamu?" and don't even start your confessions such as "nakupenda". Do it like its business,  touch yourself once in a while.  Do it so sexily that he will want to be your hands.  Don't get off until you come.  Wake up,  go to the bathroom,  wash your cat with some cold water and go back to bed. 
5. Good morning head
Let the first handshake he has is from his head. Massage the little guy in agony,  like you will dearly miss him.  After that say goodbye.  6.30 should find you saying your goodbyes. No morning sex. He had enough of it at night.  You are no longer horny and you also need to go back to your place. You just came to sleep and now that's off the hook, go home.
6. Don't ask for transport
Don't spend where it's not needed.  Don't travel to rongai from Kahawa to go eat chapati madondo . The cost of coming and going back home to your place should be equal to the cost of food you eat at his place.  If it's a deficit of 100 Bob,  ask 100bob for fare. If you had chicken barbeque and more,  pay your own fare. 
7.Dont text
Yes don't get into the matatu and start texting.  "That was the best night,  oh sex"  saying this doesn't add an A to your sex game.  If it was bad,  that's it. If it was good,  no need for talking about it.  Pillowtalk is only for Zayn Malik,  and he ain't a Kenyan . Get home,  text him you are home,  and get busy.  Don't talk about the sex,  in fact act like it never happened.
8. Don't plan for another sleepover for at least 5 days
self explanatory.  Stop wishing to go back and take mirror selfie in him house.  Be humble, accept what you have and stay at your place.  A normal man takes around two weeks to be totally horny again,  so use your mathematics. The best man to fuck is a horny Man. He will work as if he is fighting with his juices out of his body and at that time they will think of nothing better.  Win win for both of you.
9. Don't leave anything
Yes.  No ' I forgot excuse'. Take everything of yours and leave no woman trace of you. You will be surprised how much a man wants someone who doesn't want him. It their animal instinct.  You just have to reverse it on them. Don't leave your toothbrush. Nor your panty under the bed,  or your hairclip next to him TV or couch.  Carry everything with you. 
10. Alternate
Don't alternate men.  Alternate the things you do. Today is a sleepover,  next time is a rave,  then a movie.  A wife's duty is to stay at his home and cook his food,  wash his clothes,  give him unlimited sex.  Yours is to do girls and boys things together.  Watch football,  go window shopping, eat out. Let him not scare you that you are not a wife material.  Of course you wear clean clothes,  you really fat and eating healthy, and you have younger siblings.  That's proof enough. 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Android Users more loyal compared to iOs users , study shows. Details inside

The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners  has recently studied that android users tend to be more loyal to the platform than iOs users.

 The reports indicate a steady rise in android users since 2016 with the numbers at their peak right now.
The study looked at US customers who stayed with their operating systems after upgrading their phones in 2017 to either Android or iOs.  91% stayed loyal to Android while 86% remained loyal to iOs. 

Due to the availability of only two popular mobile phone operating systems users are inclined to chose either Android or iOs and invest their storage
and applications.

In other news Apple is planning to change their Logos for the iPhone ,iPad and the iPod. They are to all have different logos for each different device.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Governors Warned by Senate over defiance

The Senate Public Accounts has warned governors over defiance. The senate is charged with the responsibility of ensuring governors respond to county matters.
Speaking on behalf of the committee , the chairman, Moses Kajwang' insisted that the team is mandated to ensure accountability of public resources. He also said that they are inviting governors and if they do not appear they will be summoned. He further added that they will be working with Director of Public Prosecutions, Police and Ethics and the Anti-Coreuption Commissions.
The commitee is committed to ensuring that governors are accountable and that all Kenyans develop from the funds in the county.
He further added that the committee is going to expand from just financial audits to include performance audits.
The plan is dubbed Senate Machinani. Its core objective being to check accuracy of reports from the 47 counties in Kenya. They are also planning to hold public and joint meetings with County Assemblies budget committied.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Magambo , Meru University VC Finally Sent on Terminal Leave

Prof Jeff Magambo

Acting Vc Charity Gichuki

The Education Minister Amina Mohammed has finally sent Prof Japheth Magambo on a terminal leave after visiting the school today (6th March 2018).The acting Vice Chancellor of Meru University of Science and Technology is now Prof Charity Gichuki .The cabinet secretary also ordered the re-opening of the instituition in a week's time on a maximum.
The new acting Vice Chancellor was Prof Jeff Magambo's deputy in charge of Finace and Administration in the university. Meru University has been closed for close to four weeks now following student's unrest over hiked school fees.
The death of the Students Associaion of Meru University's Secretary General Evance Njoroge fuelled the student's strike even further leading to complete chaos in the nearby village of Nchiru along Meru Maua road with the police in cat and mouse games with the irated students and a few members of the community.The student leader is was shot dead by a police officer on February 27th. Some of the students who were arrested have been arraigned in Kirindine court. The students of Meru University have also been on the frontline to help give their fallen hero a proper send off by contributing to his burial using paybill 530100 Account Name Njoroge.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Zari Finally Speaks On Why She Left Diamond

Zari is  done with Diamond Platinum. Zari Hassan, now apparently the ex-wife of Diamond Platinumz has finally decided to let go of her husband after a video by BBC Kiswahili surfaces of Diamond and his former flame Wema Sepetu cuddling together and getting too cosy appeared.

That was on the28th of Janury when Wasafi records had an event to reveal their latest signing.Diamond Platinumz and his ex ,Wema Sepetu ,were present. In a lengthy rant on social media, she expresses her disappointment on her husband who has been involved in many scandals since their marriage kicked off. She expected Diamond to be more cautious with women since he became a family man but he does not learn from any of the scandals he has had with many women at all.

He still does the things a married man should not even be thinking about and expects his dear wife to be cool with it. Zari says the man has continued to disrespect her in public and she is not having that anymore. She finally decided to let the man go and live her life. Since this is a family marred with so many scandals, we are sure this is not the end but just the beginning since they have kids together and the marriage has not even lasted a full year without issues springing up most of the time.

This incident made Zari, Diamonds beloved wife block him immediately after the video of Diamond and Wema Sepetu surfaced. Here is what Zari had to say about the video.
“To be honest, his video with the ex ilitoka and I tried to ask. That was the morning before.Alafu, kila ukiuliza mtu anakua story mingi, hapo nikadecide kumblock kabisa from my contacts. He does things and thinks its okay wiith him but he is not thinking about you or the outcome, hapo ndio nikasema, you know what? We are done,” reiterated zari.

Zari further revealed that she had forgiven her baby daddy for involvement with Hamissa Mobetto but this she was not having.
“I mean we aare trying to move from the scandal ya kuwacha amepata mtoto so we can move forward. But anakumbatiana  huko na ma ex kwenye public.Vitu za kunizalisha, vitu za kunifanya niwe very disrespected. Ukiamua kua na familia , na watoto nishakubali wewe ni musician, spmetimes you need to take a step back and see that hivi vitu, when it comes to my family havifai. Lakini wewe unaendelea tuu, like I can’t even explain it,” said zari.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Advantages And Disadvantages of Marijuana (weed/pot)

Marijuana or better known as “weed” is the slang word used to refer to quantities of the cannabis plant which is the oldest psychoactive substance used by the human race. Other popular names it also goes by are pot, Mary Jane and ganja. Weed is made from the cannabis plant. Cannabis has three strains namely; Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis.

 The compound in weed that makes you “high” is called THC which is an acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is responsible for the psychoactive way one feels after using the drug. When you ingest weed, the THC binds with the cannaboid receptors and you also start feeling high when it binds with the brain regions that are responsible for pleasure, time, perception and pain. This sparks a chemical reaction that stimulates the production of dopamine which is a brain chemical that makes the user “feel good or high”.

Brief History of Marijuana

It was a popular medicinal drug in the USA during the 1800s.This however changed in the 1900s as the drug was now associated with immigrants who were fond of smoking the drug for recreational purposes. During this time (1900s), most immigrants, who were mostly Mexicans had a lot of marijuana cases which forced most anti-immigrant groups to rally for the prohibition of the drug leading to its illegalisation by 1930 with around 24 states in the US banning the drug. By 1937 congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act which effectively banned pot except for a few medicinal purposes only.
As the war on marijuana raged on, the Narcotics Control Act and Boggs Act came up with the penalties for possession of marijuana for first time offenders one was to be given a 2-10 year sentence and a $20,000 fine.
In the recent years states have however been less aggressive on marijuana use with 26 states now having the drug legalised for medicinal use by 2017.

More on how Marijuana Affects Your Brain and Body

Even though marijuana has both medical and recreational uses, it can also be detrimental to health that is specifically to our brains and bodies. This is mainly because most of the effects of THC are registered in the brain where THC reacts with receptors of the brain which I referred to earlier as cannabinoid receptors. Another intriguing fact is that our bodies actually produces chemicals similar to THC which are used by the brain during normal function.

THC usually co-opts these natural ways to produce most of the effects of this natural phenomenon, that is the production of dopamine.
Here are some of the bottlenecks of using marijuana.

Memory Formation Blockage

When THC acts in the hippocampus of the brain it changes the way information is processed and how memory in the brain is formed. For a teenage user the effects of memory blockage may be seen in early adulthood. In early adulthood it causes cognitive impairment.

Causes Imbalance

When THC is ingested, it interferes with the brain areas called cerebellum and basal ganglia which is the centre for balance, posture, coordination and reaction time. This makes the user to have a hard time talking and walking properly. It can also impact the user’s ability to drive.

Increased Depression

Due to the fact that most people use the drug as a way to reduce depression, it has been largely assumed that most weed smokers are usually people who are depressed and may be looking for a way to relax and get their minds off things. A study from Netherlands shows that smoking cannabis increases the risk of depression for young adults who have vulnerability to mental sickness. It has been established that the long term usage of the drug increases depression for people with the serotonin gene which is responsible for the increased risk of depression.

Psychosis, Anxiety and Panic

A small percentage of cannabis smokers usually react with intense anxiety and panic after taking the drug. Users who have taken large doses of the drug may experience acute psychosis which usually causes hallucinations and sometimes loss of sense of identity.

Makes us feel “High”

This is due to the effect of THC which makes the brain to release dopamine which is usually associated with the body’s reward system. Dopamine makes you feel good when you do things that are good to ensure your survival and your offspring. These good things may include sex.

Controls Epileptic seizures

A study done on rats in the Commonwealth University showed that epileptic rats given extract of cannabis and synthetic marijuana relieved the rats of the epileptic seizures for about 10 hours. This is made possible by the binding of the THC to the brain cells responsible for excitability which in turn causes relaxation.

Treats Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Marijuana use is a health plus for people with inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s disease. The chemicals in marijuana (according to University of Nottingham researchers) react with body cells responsible for gut formation and immune responses. THC increases the permeability of the intestines and consequently blocking out the bacterial agents responsible for bowel diseases from getting in. This makes the intestinal cells to bond together.

Slows Development of Alzheimer’s disease and stops cancer from spreading

Studies done show that THC slows the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the formation of some enzymes in the brain which are responsible for the formation of the said amyloid plaques. These plaques are responsible for Alzheimer’s disease and kill brain cells. The use of marijuana slows down the formation of these plaques consequently slowing down the development of the disease.
Another chemical in Marijuana called cannibidiol prevents the further spread of marijuana by turning off a gene called Id-1.This gene is used by cancer to spread throughout the body. Cancer uses this mechanism to spread to other parts of the body as it makes more copies of this gene even faster than the cancerous cells themselves to help the disease spread faster. Studies in breast cancer show that marijuana use reduced the cells with gene Id-1 expression hence reducing the spread of cancer to the breasts.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Another Looming Blow To Safaricom As WhatsApp Rolls Out Money Sending Feature In India

Image courtesy

WhatsApp payment feature has been rolled out in India. The feature is based on the Unified Payments Interface and is already on both Android and IOS.

 The feature will allow you to send money straight to the bank account of another WhatsApp user directly. However, this feature is still now available for merchant services yet. To send money to a merchant you will have to save the vendor’s contact and send him or her funds just like any other normal WhatsApp user.

The new update is already out and for you to have it all you have to do is to update your WhatsApp to version 2.18 and it will be paramount to have one of your contacts using the feature for it to be active on your phone too.
To set up your WhatsApp payments here is what you have to do

  1. Go to settings and tap on “Payments” option
  2. Add your new bank account
  3. Accept terms and conditions and verify your phone number.

Note that the payments only work with the phone number that you have registered with your bank.
Once you verify your phone number the WhatsApp Unified Payments Platform will list bank accounts associated with your phone number and allow you to enter your preferred account and details of your debit card to create a Virtual Payee Address which is a process very similar to activation BHIM app where all banks are supported.

When sending money to a friend on WhatsApp ensure that your respective friend has the feature on his WhatsApp as well. Tap the attachment icon to see the payments option and follow the steps to send money.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Marvel's Black Panther To Premier in Kisumu in Kenya Courtesy Of Lupita Nyong'o

The much anticipated Black Panther movie by Marvel will be released on 13th February in Kisumu City in honour of actress Lupita Nyong'o . 

Kisumu City will be accorded this privilege due to the fact that the actress,Lupita was a girl of that soil where her father is also the Anyang' Nyong'o who is also the governor of Kisumu.

In the movie she plays Nakia who is a spy in Wakanda kingdom and also a former flame of the new King T'challa. The movie picks from Avengers 3 where his father ,who was the king is killed in a bomb blast . 

He returns home to claim his throne as the new King of Wakanda. His ascension however is not as easy as he thought it would be. 

His return is faced by a new enemy who threatens the tranquillity of his kingdom and the entire world at risk. He has to prove himself worthy of the Kingship by facing this enemy.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Positive And Negative Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation is the stimulation of genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure. In Africa the act is highly loathed by the community and is never discussed openly. A teenager caught masturbating is considered very promiscuous. It’s even worse for girls, this act may earn you a visit to traditional healers for what they call “divine intervention”. Some even go the nine yards and end up circumcising girls i.e. female genital mutilation in an effort to lower her libido and the risk of sexual promiscuity.
What if I told you that masturbation has both positive and negative effects?

 Any person growing up usually feels the urge of exploring their bodies. Some do it for sexual pleasure and to release sexual tension. There have been myths about masturbation for a long time but despite these myths it actually has no physically harmful side effects. Excessive masturbation however may be unhealthy in terms of your relationships with other people and your everyday life. It’s fun, normal and healthy to masturbate but not overdoing it.
Masturbation may have negative side effects when one suffers chronic masturbation or if one feels too guilty for doing it.

Guilty Conscience

This is usually accrued to cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. One may feel guilty because the society treats it as a dirty and shameful act. Some may make fun of you for being a “wanker” and you may even become the laughing stock of your school, workplace or even your own family. If you feel this way about the act its advisable that you talk to someone about how you feel so that they help you move past the guilt. Sharing is always advised. You may end up meeting others with the same problem and you can all work together to move past the guilt. Therapists that specialize in sexual health may be the best option if you can afford one.


This may be the number one problem for those who masturbate. This is usually a problem especially if you spend too much time masturbating as it may cause you to skip your daily schedule, you may miss going to work or school and the worst if you have plans with your girlfriend or boyfriend you may end up ignoring them and end up messing up your relationship with them.

The guilt may also make you miss social events and gatherings because you feel “dirty”. It also lowers your productivity if you have a demanding job. In the case of your loved ones you may end up not paying attention to their needs.
If you have genuine concerns about addiction you are advised to speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Also whenever you feel the urge to engage in the act try and replace the activity with other things that can help you generally as a person and avoid wasting most of your time yanking your genitals around.

Sexual sensitivity

Masturbation among men and women has been linked to an increased desire , arousal and overall sexual function . It increases lubrication in women and better erectile;e function for men. However on the flip side for men it may affect sexual sensitivity for men during sex with a female .

This is because of the tight grip on the penis during masturbation hence decreases sensation during normal sexual intercourse with a lady. Sexual health experts recommend changing your masturbation technique during the action to restore sensitivity during normal sexual intercourse.

Overall Benefits 

It’s a healthy exercise and has both physical and mental benefits. Firstly, it may help you relive stress and have a better good night sleep. It also boosts your mood and relaxes your mind. For ladies it helps also to relive cramps. From the constant practice it may also help you have better sex and also have a better understanding of your sexual needs.
For men it may reduce your chances for prostate cancer due to regular ejaculation. Women during pregnancy may have heightened sexual desire due to hormonal changes in their bodies. It’s a very safe way to release sexual tension during pregnancy. However, for women with high risk pregnancies this not advised as it may increase their chances of labor.

Masturbation is therefore a safe and healthy natural way of improving one’s life in many ways. It is not as bad as people take it to be. It has benefits for your mind and body at large and may also be the safest sex because it lowers the risk of contracting diseases propagated through sharing of sexual fluids. Therefore, everybody should feel free to enjoy self-pleasure of masturbation.

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