Diamond and Zari Reunion

Zari the renowned East African princess also known as Zari the boss lady is a Ugandan socialite, musician and business woman. Zari has been living in South Africa where she runs her businesses. It is also in South Africa that she had met her ex-lover and husband Ivan Semwanga. The two divorced in 2013 with Zari claiming that he was physically abusing her and she had to quit the marriage. It is after the divorce that she met the multi- talented bongo flava Tanzanian hit maker Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack popularly known by his stage name as Diamond Platnumz.

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How They Met

Diamond and Zari met when both were travelling from South Africa. Zari had been a fan of Diamond too and she requested that diamond shared a selfie with her. The two seemed to have bonded after that and a romantic relationship followed.

Their Kids


Diamond and zari had two children with Zari. His first child with Zari is a beautiful kid called Princes Tiffa who was born in the August of 2015 and the other child is Nylan who was born a year later in December. They had two beautiful babies in a span of two years.

The Break Up (Hamissa Mobetto saga)

The break up between the two happened after a very interesting revelation that Diamond Platnumz had been cheating on Zari with a beautiful model that goes by the name Hamissa Mobetto. Hamissa Mobetto was one of the pretty ladies in Diamonds hit song Salome . It was until later that rumors about Hamissa Mobetto being pregnant with Diamond’s child hit the internet that Hamissa attracted Zari’s attention. After denying several times that he was not cheating on Zari with the beautiful miss Mobetto , the superstar admitted that he had indeed had an illicit affair with the model.Hamissa gave birth to a son whom she named after Diamond Platnumz’s father , Abdilatifah Naseeb.

The Conspiracy

It was later on revealed that Diamond had a deal with Hamissa to keep the pregnancy a secret and he had even agreed to providing child support for his unborn child. After Mobetto conspired with diamond to hide the truth the model kept on posting suggestive images on Instagram giving hints of who the baby’s father was. A few days later after Diamond confessed that he had an affair with the model he flew to South Africa to try and patch things up with Zari. Zari had been ranting on her social media pages about the affair and she seemed deeply disturbed by it. A few days later it was evident from the two’s social media posts that they had broken up.

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The New Reunion

Flash forward to the month of June 2020 netizens had noticed that Diamond and Zari seemed to have mended fences and were back together. Later on in the August of 2020 Zari took to social media to criticize the people on social media that were on a serious trolling mission saying that Diamond was being desperate and wanted to get back with Zari. She admonished the trolls and made it clear that she was not romantically involved with Diamond and that the new reunion was just for their kids.The mighty Diamond had decided to burry the hatchet for the sake of his kids with Zari. These are zari’s last remarks on the matter.

“A whole lot of you black women are the reason why black kids are not growing up with their fathers. A whole lot of you black women are the reason we have a lot of black boys roaming on the streets because you deny these guys a chance to do what they are supposed to do,”