As awkward as it sounds, Yes Justin Beiber would have been aborted by Pattie Mallette, her mother when she was just 17 years old and that is 22 years ago. This is a story of a young, strong girl who became a teen single mom and grew into a strong woman raising his son to be the person we see and idolize today. When she was15, she and Jeremy Bieber started a relationship which lasted for four years. She left home and started supporting herself by getting involved in petty theft and drug dealing and attempted suicide by throwing herself in front of a moving truck and admitted into a mental hospital. She became a Christian there and got released before getting pregnant 6 months later with Justin Bieber on march 1st 1994 in London, Ontario and split up with the father of her child soon after birth. She started posting videos of Bieber while singing as early as he was only two years and his popularity started growing.

This evidently shows that every child has a right to live and be given a chance at life in order to become the best they can be. This world would probably be a sad place without that sensational voice of his. In as much as a child might seem as a problem in the present time, there is no way of telling who a child might grow up into as there are several vacancies to be filed each year as age, time and death happens to as all. I’m sure no one would dare miss out on bringing up a legend of their own, that’s what we all are; legends waiting to be read. It’s also important to know that no matter how difficult life gets, there is always relief waiting for us beyond the horizon. A lesson worth learning from Pattie Mallette. So the next time anyone thinks about procuring an abortion, think of what you might be losing in the process because there is a sea of endless possibilities to choose from and that your biggest mistake [choosing who lives and who does not] could actually be your only way out.
As our hearts flow out with gratitude to all the single moms out there doing their best to make a living, because they not only inspire us. But they also inspire life