Working from home due to corona lockdown has led to the future of work

Work as we know it is forever changed due to the corona virus. With governments all over the world locking down major cities and restricting movements most employers have been forced to make their employees to start working from their homes. Many are calling this a world mass experiment on telecommuting.

Working from home has always been attributed to freelancers but as everybody is required to self-isolate at home we are all forced to start thinking about working remotely. It has been established that in some scenarios it boosts the productivity of the employee. This is usually because it helps to improve the life and work balance of a worker therefore a better mental health, consequently higher productivity. There are no distractions from colleagues and intimidating bosses.

Work is forver changed  due to corona lockdown.This is the future of work

The work from home environment also reduces stress for the worker in terms of the daily commute. This relaxed lifestyle helps the worker in a way by improving their quality of life. Another obvious advantage of remote work is that it has helped to reduce the pollution levels globally with less carbon(IV)oxide emissions.

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Some may argue that remote work is the future of work but a big number of employers still remain skeptical. Their primary concern being that the job may not be done without having an eye on the employee. In some cases, others are unable to work from their homes due to poor network conditions. Remote work is heavily dependent on a good internet connection.

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It is safe to say that the world is at a crisis and people are at home trying to work. This is bound to have an impact on the way we work henceforth since employers have had a chance to experiment with the idea during this crisis. Many companies have invested in remote work technology and may still continue using the resources post the corona virus pandemic.