when kenyans come together. Taweza
is Kenya

When Kenyans come together, there is no limit to the things that they can do. As far as I’m concerned, can move mountains, literally. When Kenyans came together for the first time, irrespective of tribe and gender, we got our independence. That’s the single day in our Kenyan calendar that reminds us of the achievements of unity. However, a question still lingers on: where did we go wrong? Where did we lose our footing after such a magnificent step?
You’re probably wondering why we should ask ourselves such a sad question 50 years on after such a great start. Kenya is a great country made up of 42 beautiful tribes which come together and form this nation we call our own, home. If we destroy our own, our home; what else is there to go to. So instead of focusing on the things that make us different, why don’t we own it and use it to our advantage. From our kikuyu brothers, why don’t we borrow the craft of business ideas and minds in order to create startups that will give way for employment and financial independence. From our Luo counterparts, lets borrow the pride they have and be proud for this nation, if possible; lets love it to death. As they say, there is nowhere like home.
From the courage of our massai brothers and sisters, let’s be courageous enough to stand up for our country from external and internal threats. Lastly but certainly not the least, lets borrow from the endurance of our Kalenjin people and go the whole mile. Just like running a race, there are a lot of factors that come into play in the development and making of a great nation. I still maintain to the old saying ‘Not yet Uhuru’ and till then I wouldn’t mind quoting our very own Lupita Nyongo ‘Our dreams are still valid.’