Google ARCore
Google ARCore SDK for Developers

Google’s ARcore is a platform that is used by Android applications’ developers to create wonderful interactive augmented reality experiences captured by the mobile phone’s camera in real-time. The AR core allows your mobile device to sense its immediate environment and interact with the information found in that environment. This is made possible through the various Application Programming Interfaces used to develop the groundbreaking app.
Google’s Measure App uses the AR core to sense objects in its environment and interact with the objects via the phone camera. The app allows the user to take measurements without the use of a physical tape measure. It most definitely will not replace your tape measure but it is convenient for measuring surface distances.
The implementation of this technology is largely dependent on motion tracking technology used by mobile phones to understand their positions in an environment. Environmental understanding is used by the Android operating system to allow the mobile device to understand the objects in its environment just by detecting the sizes and locations of surfaces either vertical, horizontal or angled and lastly, it uses the mobile phones ability to sense appropriate lighting for an environment.

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AR Core works by tracking the position of the device in real time as it moves from one locality to another. This helps the phone to understand its environment better.
Google’s ARCore is designed to run on Android phones running on Android(Nougat) N and later.
AR stands for Augmented Reality for those wondering what AR stands for and is similar to Apple’s ARKIT.
The augmented reality field has various applications in the real world. Archaeologists are currently using Augmented reality to rebuild ancient ruins and to study the ancient civilization lifestyles.AR is also being used by Architects to visualize buildings before they are actually built.The same can be done for mega structures and bridges.It can also give potential clients a taste of how their house will look like after it is completed.

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