African Waist Beads

Waist beads for women have been around for years in the African Culture. What does it mean when a woman wears a waist bead  in some cultures and how are they used for? Different cultures have different meaning for beads.This article explores the realm of waist beads and some of the weird facts that are associated with waist beads. Waist beads are traditional African wearable accessories that are usually worn around the waist or hips. They are usually decorated with glass beads of different colors and shapes.

The Meaning Of Waist Braids

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Waist beads have been dated back to as far as the 15th Century. They were common in ancient Egypt where they were worn by beautiful women as a sign of wealth and status. The waist beads were common among West African Tribes such as the Yoruba tribe where they were attributed with nobility , affluence and femininity.

Women have been known to wear waist beads for various reasons today. Some of the reasons have been outlined below.

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Checking on Weight

Waist Bands and Their Meaning

Women use waist beads to keep tabs on their weight by checking how it fits around their abdomen. Since waist beads do not stretch if it is higher on the waist and is tight it usually means that you have gained some weight. A loosely fitting one or a sagging waist bead indicates that you have lost some weight.

Intimacy & Fertility

African Waist Beads

The beads usually have stone of different colors which have meaning in different cultures. Here are some of the meanings of waist bead colors used to represent them.

Brown – Used to depict the earth and stability

Gold – This color usually meant Good health , Power and Wealth

Green – Abundance , nature , fertility and Prosperity

RED – Confidence and Vitality

White – Purity , Truth and Light

Yellow – Energy , Happiness and joy

Black – Protection and Power

Blue – Truth and Loyalty

Pink – Care , Love, Beauty and Kindness

Purple – Wisdom, Spirituality and Royalty