Its Election time in kenya again and  it takes five years to see the type of stunts politicians pull in order to get a second chance at doing nothing. Billboards of politicians in nice suits & smiles acompanied wth great phrases of development are spread everywhere. Is it really kenyan’s political dilemma or the kenyan ultimate comedy arena? You pick and decide.They say a picture tells a lot of stories and can be enterprated in so many different ways. Proven, tested and qualified… The photo itself has no comparative aspects to quality and is a mockery to development, the people and Mr.Jakoyo Midiwo himself.
Is it the display of might and finances that determine the building of a constituency, county or nation? Hundreds of thousands are used to erect meaningless posters of people we already know. What shocks most however is the surounding of these structures; mud, filth & poverty is what greats you first. Shouldn’t have  those funds been used towards more pressing issues like proper & decent sanitation? They should have at least cleaned up the place before puting up posters that tell the exact opposite of what can be seen clearly. Comliments on the great photo Muheshimiwa, but we strongly think the words are a bit exaggerated.
The words should be, “Tested and proven to fail.” A picture tells a thousand words and thats the least offensive words i’d pick from the pool of many endless possibilities. Unjustified support by the people to a candidate who’s perfomance is questionable is a big step to the wrong direction. “Not yet uhuru” said Mr.Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and 50 years on, most kenyans are not yet free thinkers. The ability to criticaly analyse situations in order to provide a better country to our children and children’s children who might inherit a broken nation because the right choices were overlooked.
Vote peace, development and most importantly vote for a better tomorow. The right decisions made in the past would make today favourable to us all today. In as much as we cant change the past, we can definitely change the future by learning from history. As we write our ownhistory  today, let us be rememberd for the great we did in our own small individual way. The display of might in a poorly developed place shows only self intrest and so is a vote cased for such an individual. life will only get harder if this trend continues as the gap between the rich and poor grows. its evident they need us for our votes but are they really there when we need them? when were most vulnerable and at our time of need? I’m guessing no is the answer to that and no should be ours when they come knocking on our front doors which are neglected.