This is the untold Kenyan story about how the first president of the republic of Kenya would have easily been Jaramogi Oginga odinga, but through an act of kindness all was lost. Your probably shocked I guess at this point and wondering to yourself, what happened? This is one of those touching stories about an act of love and brotherhood that changed history to the reality we know and live in today. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to 1960 when Jaramogi Odinga was invited to the Governor’s residence- now state house- where he was made an offer to lead independent Kenya and become the first prime minister of the country. Which would have led to him becoming the first president of the republic of Kenya just like Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.
Extremely patriotic this man was and in his own words, he said ‘If I accept your offer, I will be seen as a traitor to my people. The British cannot elect me leader to my people… Kenyatta ia around, just here in Lodwar. Release him to lead us; he is already our choice.’ Its such strong words that help us know that we currently luck good governance that has our thoughts and worries at hand, long live this Great man MR.Odinga.
Odinga had become one of the most outspoken resistance leaders calling for Kenyatta’s release. In the first African election for legislature in 1957, Odinga won was his election. Then came the first Lancaster house conference in 1960 which was attended by a unified African delegation which ended in a dissatisfying note leading to the formation of KANU by MR.Odinga and other members of the legislative council. Mr.Odinga’s Kanu used its strong showing in the 1961 general election to to help gain Kenyatta’s release. After his release, Mr.Kenyatta attended the second Lancaster house conference in 1962 and became the first prime minister  then president a year later in 1963 all thanks to the help of Mr.Odinga who was later in 1969 jailed by the government on the charge of organizing a demonstration which turned into a riot and stayed in prison for 15 months. I can’t help but wonder how great this country would have been under the leadership of Mr.Odinga as our founding father.