black lesboans
Let’s talk,  majamas. We all probably wanted to bang a lesbian. In fact women have learnt about that desire and every one of them  is either bisexual or lesbians.  The rest whom don’t like the idea sugar coat it and insinuate that they once kissed a girl and liked it.
Don’t be fooled. Stay woke,  in fact I will tell you the kind of women who are using you sexually. Wanakutimia tu and will leave you with broken muscles. Right now let’s concentrate on why you should resist Kikuyu lesbians.


1. They are selfish and lazy

These are probably the laziest of them all. Those who are closed minded and less innovative. Those that will take pictures of your house instead of asking what the size of your favorite computer’s RAM is.

I know, at one point when we were young and girls always wore panties and boy didn’t,  remember that time of life. When every child was  exploring life, lifting clothes wondering why people on this earth even dressed. While girls were looking for longitudinal organs,  these lesbians were probably seated somewhere combing their doll’s hair. They are less innovative,  exploring and boring.  Even worse,  these women of this community are known for being selfish.  Come-on,  what could be any more unattractive than a selfish woman in bed.  Yes,  don’t serve everyone but fill my plate up.


2. They are light-skinned and fat

Truth be told, no one would mind fucking a white. Women see opportunity and so do us. An opportunity to find out how they moan in bed,  how their white pussycat feels. Not to marry,  but explore.  Okuyu lesbians are the prettiest. Light skin,  a haircut that speaks ‘ I got yams’. By the way,  they are trying their best to keep shape these days. Go to the gym and you will find out.
But one problem is when everything is set,  the legs are in position,  she is breathing is slow and has closed her eyes so that you don’t feel embarrassed removing your tool,   you notice a dark circle around her coochie. Damn! Now you have to play with her burger  because you are dead.  The engine won’t start .the road to unknown scary. however clear is dark  wondering what about the unknown destination. Sometimes I wonder,  sweat decide that the only part a man can naturally eat is on a dirty plate. Is there a cream for this? Business idea.
If you want to lay a lesbian, do not pick any light.  Choose dark  and skinny  ones. If that’s the best shot you will ever have,  true off the lights.


3. They have money

Women care about hair,  shoes,  clothes, matching eyes brows. Rich women have all that plus toys. Sexual toys are expensive,  in fact, I Saw online that a vibrating tool cost around 4gs, yes your finger skills are that expensive. Don’t go giving every cheap girl a finger fuck. Cheap is fake. And fake is her cheap hair. That’s a decent one.  But when they say ‘I like toys,’ she has some.  If she has some she has money. Think, if she has money then she has many of them. Remember girls who sat down
Combing her dolls’ hair? They love dressing their toys and at the moment,  you are just a toy. She may make sounds like ” oh candy,  more candy baby” yet tthat’s what she always says when her dildo wants to make her cum. Her dildo is called candy and she loves candies in a basket.

…(to be continued)