white giraffe in the world

The only white giraffe in the world is found in the North Eastern part of Kenya near the Somali border. The male giraffe was left alone after the other white giraffe and her baby were poached and killed earlier in March 2020 by poachers in Kenya. The white color makes the giraffe an easy target for poachers due to its clear visibility. This has also made the giraffe a great food for the eyes to the many that get to spot it. The other white giraffes were killed in Garissa County, Kenya. The poachers killed a female white giraffe with its calf.

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white giraffe and her baby killed
White Giraffe and Her Calf(baby) back in 2017

The white color is caused by a condition called Leucism. The condition leaves cells of the giraffe devoid of pigmentation. Leucism causes white patches on the skin, hair and feathers of most animals but the condition does not affect the eyes of the animal. This is usually good to note since most people tend to confuse this with Albinism. The condition has also been observed in the following animals: Kermode bear, White Buffalo . White Stag, Moose, Killer Whale, King Cobra and Black Billed Magpie.

white giraffe in the world

The organization discharged with overseeing the safety of the white giraffe has placed a tracker on it in order to keep track of the one and only endangered white giraffe in the world. Ishakbini Hirola Community Conservancy receives a ping of the location of the animal after every hour.

This could also be a potential Artificial Intelligence Project that Kenya could embark on. Artificial intelligence Algorithms could be used build an effective tracking system for this endangered species. The algorithms if deployed aided by the recent advances in computer aided tracking technology could keep this animal safe.

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