A group of teens in Florida called COCOA, recorded a rare footage of a drowning man. They taunted the guy as he gasped for his last breath and died. The five boys of age 14 to 16 are heard to be laughing at the drowning man in the two minute long video.
These kids instead of calling 911 decided to record the whole ordeal instead.
The video further reveals that the boys were taunting the man in his last moments and telling him he was going to die and they were not going to help him.These boys are ruthless.
Despite all this, these boys will not be prosecuted because the state of Florida currently does not have a law a citizen is obligated to help out to a person in distress.
The detectives in this case feel that nobody should be allowed to go Scott free like that but in this case they have to let it go.
The boys did not even call the authorities after the incident happened. Evidence from the scene indicate that the incident occurred on the jury 9th.
The pooor guys body was found on the 14th of July by his sister who had been sent the video and posted it on Facebook publicly.
The state attorneys office issued a statement that they were deeply saddened by the incidence and the actions of the witnesses.These teens are lucky.Here is a portion of the video.