The Member of parliament of Nyeri has gone to court seeking to oust chief justice David Maraga on Thursday.  Mr. Ngunjiri Wambugu filed his case with the judicial service commission stating that the judgment of the august 8th poll was unjustified as one of the supreme court judges Mohammed Ibrahim was stopped from attending the hearings despite different allegations by the media stating that he was unwell and not fit to sit for the hearing sessions.
He also claims that the chief justice pressured the other judges to rule in favor of the opposition and he also has evidence to the effect that he wishes to submit to the judicial service commission as soon as possible. These claims of undue conduct by the chief justice are set to be presented to the commission for hearing before the next general elections set for the 17th of next month just in case a second hearing follows the election.
The elections were termed null and void by the supreme court due to massive electoral irregularities that were presented and proven by the opposition’s legal team lead by lead counsel James Orengo. The petition was presented after chaos broke out in most parts of the country resulting in deaths of unknown numbers of Kenyans, where the hardest hit places being Nairobi, Kisumu and other NASA strongholds.
The highly contested presidential elections that saw Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga face off on august 8th was won by Mr.Kenyatta according to IEBC despite various claims of additional ungazetted polling stations in the country and missing form eleven thousand (11,000) form 34As and missing water marks and security features in some of the available forms presented by the electoral and bounderies  commission to the court leading to the cancellation of the presidential results.
The member of parliament is shifting the blame of the court ruling to the chief justice despite the various discrepancies cited in the election bringing to question his objectivity. The IEBC also failed to comply with a court order to give access to their servers for auditing by the opposition claiming that the servers were in Europe and that those contracted to do the job were still asleep when the court order was given while they were still awake.
They also failed to address the issue of inmates being allowed to vote for their preffered presidential candidates while the rest of the ballot papers were not issued to them nor were they accounted for. They just seem to vanish as is in the case of transmitted results that came to Bomas of Kenya and reflected differently and Mr.Chebukati announcing the election results without eleven thousand form 34As. Which raises the question of whether the presidential election results were credible. This just goes to say that the claims by the Nyeri Member of parliament are shallow and not well thought out, this might just be one of those cases of the last kicks of a dying horse.