mobile technology in africa
To understand  mobile technology in Africa we have to start by defining what mobile technology is.Mobile Technology is a term usually used to refer to portable devices like mobile phones. It is usually a device that can perform, more than one function like internet access, GPS and so on. Mobile Technology uses Code Division Multiple Access which uses many transmitters to send data on a single channel. The rapid evolution of mobile technology has been considered as the future of computing since the dominance of wireless portable devices has started becoming popular worldwide with major companies making millions in dollars manufacturing mobile phone devices.
With the introduction of the Android operating system by Google, the mobile platform has given jobs to millions of Android application developers worldwide.

mobile technology in africa

With the increase of players in the mobile market the competition for the piece of the pie has been tough over the years with mostly Apple iPhone and Android dominating the market.
The mobile sector has also given birth to a new concept called Big Data. It that has been the buzz over the internet for a few years now with concentration increasing exponentially over the few couple of years with major companies like Google’s Android being some of the major beneficiaries of the data they mine off the consumers of their myriad of products on the internet.

mobile technology advancements in africa
Mobile technology in Africa

That’s probably why the created their browsers Google Chrome. That way they get more reliable data to enable the company to deliver a more personalized experience for their users. Of course, this is only possible at the price of personal privacy.
Mobile phones have enabled people to connect faster through social media, video calls, short messages, audio messages. They also provide news and mobile phone games available free for download in mobile app stores like Google’s Play Store and Windows Store for Windows Tablets or Surface Devices.

safaricom mobile technoloogy in africa
Mobile technology advancements in Africa

In Kenya, the mobile phone industry keeps growing with mobile phone subscribers increasing annually mostly for the main telecommunications company Safaricom Kenya. People use mobile phones to send money from one person to another using their mobile phones. This innovation is only around a decade old and has pushed Safaricom Limited to the topmost earning companies in Africa and East Africa.
The face of mobile Technology is rapidly changing and it is here to dominate.To read further on this follow this link.