MIT Develops Privacy Conserving
MIT Develops Privacy Conserving

MIT has develops a privacy conserving tracing technology inspired by a feature used by Apple.The feature, called “Find My” has inspired the birth of an efficient contact tracing system.They are planning to use random numbers sent by Bluetooth signals that are sent out by all mobile phones. By using Bluetooth you will be able to know how many people you have been in contact with. The system works by using random numbers sent by your phone via Bluetooth and should not be related to the owner of the device in any way.The system randomly sends out signals to other Bluetooth enabled phones that may be people that you have been in close contact with.

Your smartphone sends out chirps to other smartphones that may be in public areas that you may be in. The phone does this every time sending shortwave Bluetooth signals likened to chirps and comparing with its 14 day chirps in the public places that you have been to.Every phone user keeps track of the chirps that they broadcast for the past 14 days.This will really help in the fight on covid-19 for sure.

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This could help track proximity of the people that you come into contact with within a week.It may be that person standing with you in a que at the supermarket of that person right next to you at the bank.

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MIT developed the system in a way that it does not use Geo-location nor send diagnostics information to any third parties that may be interested in such data.The system’s positive chirp database could be used to automate check in in places and alert users of proximity to infection.This might help to alert individuals to self isolate or get tested for the virus early enough.MIT hopes to get Apple ,Microsoft and Google on board to make this technology possible.Android and IOs are already planning to implement this as a core part of their systems. More on that HERE.