Prof Jeff Magambo

Acting Vc Charity Gichuki

The Education Minister Amina Mohammed has finally sent Prof Japheth Magambo on a terminal leave after visiting the school today (6th March 2018).The acting Vice Chancellor of Meru University of Science and Technology is now Prof Charity Gichuki .The cabinet secretary also ordered the re-opening of the instituition in a week’s time on a maximum.
The new acting Vice Chancellor was Prof Jeff Magambo’s deputy in charge of Finace and Administration in the university. Meru University has been closed for close to four weeks now following student’s unrest over hiked school fees.
The death of the Students Associaion of Meru University’s Secretary General Evance Njoroge fuelled the student’s strike even further leading to complete chaos in the nearby village of Nchiru along Meru Maua road with the police in cat and mouse games with the irated students and a few members of the community.The student leader is was shot dead by a police officer on February 27th. Some of the students who were arrested have been arraigned in Kirindine court. The students of Meru University have also been on the frontline to help give their fallen hero a proper send off by contributing to his burial using paybill 530100 Account Name Njoroge.