Kelley Blue Book
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The Blue Book was first published in the year 1926 by a car dealer in Los Angeles by the name Les Kelley. His book acted as a guidebook that helped to put down proper guidelines for prices of new and used cars. The Blue book uses the make, model, style of car and the year the car was manufactured to provide a fair market range value of a car that customers are willing to purchase.

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Customers can use the blue book to see the how much other customers had paid for the car they are interested in. It gives a detailed guide of the make, year, model and comparable mileage and use.

Kelley Blue Book

The blue book also enables car buyers to make predictions on potential costs of car ownership such as maintenance, cost of fuel, minor and major repairs and even insurance.

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It is however important to note that the blue book is not used to estimate the lowest price for a vehicle but it shows the amount that a specific vehicle goes for at a particular time. Blue book data is aggregated and compiled by the Kelley Blue Book company which takes data from the national vehicle registration database and data gathered from thousands of purchases of vehicles in the United States.