jumiathe next amazon in africa

Jumia is an eCommerce  company like Amazon with most operations in Africa.If you have not heard about Jumia phones in Africa then you have not been spending a lot of time on the world wide web. This may be through Facebook or even when looking for a job online you may have bumped into Jumia somewhere online.

jumia africa next amazon
Jumia was previously known as the Africa Internet Group which is a company founded in 2012 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec. Jumia has about 1000-3000 employees working to improve the platform. Jumia platform is tailored for the needs of the African continent aiming at some of the challenges that Africa is currently facing like poor infrastructure, bad traffic and poor choice of goods available to the millions of people on the African content. With the fast penetration of the internet in Africa with many people starting to get online Jumia has managed to tap into the e-Commerce scene in Africa just like Amazon in the United States.

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Jumia is an online platform for shopping just like Amazon.com offering delivery of goods bought online to the customers in a station near them. It has improved the way people do shopping in Africa and me being in Kenya I have personally bought my mobile phone from Jumia.

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The website has some pretty cool offers like Jumia Black Friday, Mobile Weeks and Jumia Home Makeover which run from time to time with millions of sales every day and deliveries done round the clock within Africa. Jumia has successfully sunk its teeth in 11 African countries and growing steadily. The website has undergone a massive structural change with more services added to the platform. The website now offers goods and services in the following categories.

    1. Classifieds
    2. Commercial Delivery
    3. E-Commerce
    4. E-Commerce Platforms 
    5. Fashion Food and Beverage 
    6. Food Delivery Hospitality
    7.  Hotel Information Services
    8. Internet 
    9. Marketplace
    10. Online Portals
    11.  Real Estate
    12.  Recruiting
    13. Restaurants
    14.  Retail
    15. Search Engine 
    16. Shopping 
    17. Travel
    18. Travel Accommodations


Jumia also has a little something for web developers in the form of the Jumia Affiliate Program which is an affiliate program for Jumia.I have written an in-depth article on how to make money on jumia as an affiliate.