Facts About Babu Owino

Paul Ongili Owino popularly known as Babu Owino is a Kenyan politician and celebrity in his own right. He has been the member of the National Assembly for Embakasi East Constituency.

Interesting facts about babu owino
Babu Owino in the Streets

Babu started his education in Kisumu Township Primary School from 1995 to 2002 after which he proceeded to Kisumu Boys’ Secondary. He was there for from 2003 to 2006.

Babu Owino High School

Two years later Babu Owino enrolled in Nairobi University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science.

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 Facts About Babu Owino  in Red Cap
Facts About Babu Owino

During his time as a student in the year 2011 he was elected as the chairperson of the Student Organization of Nairobi University(SONU).

Babu Owino graduated with his Actuarial Science Degree in 2012 and a year later he re-joined the University of Nairobi in pursue of a degree in Law. Babu Owino knew that for his political career to be at his best he had to educate himself on the law.

He is well known for fighting for the rights of students of higher learning institutions in Kenya. His former affiliations with the University of Nairobi as the Chairperson of SONU and his steady rise in popularity over the years has seen him grow into a Modern Day Gladiator in the City of Nairobi.

 Facts About Babu Owino SONU Chairperson and Bobi Wine
Facts About Babu Owino

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Babu Owino has a good taste in cars. He happens to own a sleek Range Rover Sport that cost him 20 million Kenyan Shillings. He also has a Land Cruiser V8.

Babu Owino also known as Paul Ongili has not had a smooth ride all along. On the Diroctorate of Criminal Investigations tweeted that he was going to be charged for attempted murder involving him and a DJ at a B Club , which is a high end club within the leafy suburbs of Kilimani Estate.

 Facts About Babu Owino

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His involvement in the shooting Incident with DJ Evolve of B Club he is currently facing an imminent Disciplinary action from his party Orange Democratic Party. The party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna insisted recently that if Babu Owino was found guilty of shooting Felix Orinda alias Dj Evolve , he would be shown out of the ODM party.

 Facts About Babu Owino  and Raila Odinga