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Here are some interesting facts about Justin Beiber’s Mother Pattie Mallette. Justin Drew Beiber is a multi-talented songwriter, actor and singer known for his most popular hit songs like the recent “Yummy” hit. Justin begun his music career at the age of 13 after being discovered by a talent manager called Scott Braun. Scott had watched several of Justin Beiber’s cover songs on YouTube and was impressed by what he saw. Beiber got signed by the Raymond Braun Music Group in 2008.A year later in 2009 he released his debut EP called My World was so amazing that he became the first artist to have seven tracks from a debut record to hit the Billboard Hot 100 list.

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Justin Beiber’s mother, Patricia Lynn Mallette helped him as his manager earlier on in his new music career. She was born on April 2 1975 in the city of Stratford, Ontario. She began showing interest in arts at a young age. At the age of 10 she even had the opportunity to make an appearance in two productions of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival which was a festival so immense, it brought close to 500000 tourists to the town of Stratford every year.

Pattie did not stop there. She went further and made sure that she joined the school choir and the drama club. This saw her win several trophies for singing and acting which consequently opened doors for her to get signed by a talent agent in Toronto.

Pattie Mallette Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Pattie had a rather troubled childhood riddled with sexual abuse and violence. She was being molested as early as the age of 3 by the people who were close to her at the time. She was molested by a male baby sitter, a granddad to one of her friends and the third one was by neighborhood kids who were slightly older than her.

In her book, she wrote that she was date raped at the age of 15. She was romantically involved with Jeremy Beiber, a relationship that lasted for 4 years despite the date rape.

Attempted Suicide & Drug Abuse

interesting facts about justin

When Pattie was 16 years old she left home and had to fend for herself by drug dealing and petty theft. Her situation escalated so fast and in no time she felt lonely and depressed that she even tried to kill herself by throwing herself in front of a truck on the road. Luckily she was saved and this made her turn her life around.

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interesting facts about justin
Pattie Mallette’s Recovery

Following her recovery and her new found faith, Christianity she managed to get back to her old boyfriend Jeremy Beiber. Six months after she reconnected with Jeremy she became pregnant with Justin Beiber. She gave birth to Justin on March 1 1994 in London , Ontario just a month after celebrating her 19th birthday. She went on to support her son with the help of her parents after she split up with Jeremy Beiber. This sums up the most interesting facts about Justin Beiber’s Mother Pattie Mallette.