The Senate Public Accounts has warned governors over defiance. The senate is charged with the responsibility of ensuring governors respond to county matters.
Speaking on behalf of the committee , the chairman, Moses Kajwang’ insisted that the team is mandated to ensure accountability of public resources. He also said that they are inviting governors and if they do not appear they will be summoned. He further added that they will be working with Director of Public Prosecutions, Police and Ethics and the Anti-Coreuption Commissions.
The commitee is committed to ensuring that governors are accountable and that all Kenyans develop from the funds in the county.
He further added that the committee is going to expand from just financial audits to include performance audits.
The plan is dubbed Senate Machinani. Its core objective being to check accuracy of reports from the 47 counties in Kenya. They are also planning to hold public and joint meetings with County Assemblies budget committied.