google to ban cryptocurrency adverts

 Google plans to ban cryptocurrency related adverts from its platform. Google is updating its financial services ads related content on their platforms.Google ads technology helps advertisers to target their market using the tools provided by google.The tool is very essential in digital marketing.

The crackdown also applies to Wallets, Initial Coin Offerings and ads on trading advice.Google is planning to roll out this update in June 2018 following Facebook’s ban that was also announced early this year. The two companies feel that they have seen too many ads related to cryptocurrencies that may cause consumer harm.

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Even though cryptocurrency ,market has generated a lot  of wealth for many people this field still remains vastly uncontrolled. This is a major concern as it may lead to very high profile scams.This news came as Google released its annual trust and safety ads report.
Google has come to this conclusion after taking down more than 3.2 billion ads that violated their policies.
It is understandable why google may want to make the ads space safer for its users as Google’s parent company Alphabet gets 84% of its earnings from advertising.