Facebook uses AI to prevent users from seeing dead relatives

The world’s most popular social network, Facebook recently announced that it has plans to introduce a new feature that would enable its users to stop seeing the reminders from their deceased friends and family from popping up on Facebook by utilizing the powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence. This new section is going to be called the Tributes section and will be a section for memorialized Facebook accounts.
This new section will allow friends and family to share posts in a separate area of Facebook. The original section is set to remain unaltered.
Artificial Intelligence will be used to flag these accounts from appearing in your normal Facebook feeds. It could cause distress seeing pictures of a loved family member or friend repeatedly posted on Facebook.

facebook to use artificial intelligence

This tool will make it easier to remember those who have passed on. According to Facebook, more than 30 million Facebook users view memorialized accounts every month.
Facebook is taking an extra step in updating its legacy feature which allows users to choose the person they would like to take control of their account when they pass on. The legacy contacts will have control of the posts on the profile they are looking after effectively giving them the power to moderate the posts that are seen on the profile.
Once an account is memorialized the artificial intelligence tool kicks in and prohibits their account from sending event reminders like birthdays as this may cause distress to the loved ones left behind.