Potency is a serious discussion and catches the attention of anyone who comes across it. So powerful is the word that Russian president Vladimir putin bathed in blood extracted from severed antlers of a deer. The practice is not only common in Russia but it is also a practice that is traced way back in Russia. The president is said to have visited Altai many times for the past decade, in as much as you cant imagine bathing in blood several times, but it might be accurate to say that Mr. Putin is a very potent man. You might have read the heading twice, I would have done the same if I was you. As shocking as it might sound, it happens to be true. In ancient Russian literature, antlers were called “horns of gold” in 15th century Russian literature and thought to improve sexual performance. Some Russians believe in drinking the blood while others boil the blood and used in red baths. Dears are lead into a special cutting chamber where it is left suspended and head thrust onto a ledge. Crude way of improving potency, right? But most men with “issues” potency related wouldn’t mind if it costs them an arm and leg. There is still hope out there for people with potency issues but good luck on getting an antelope first, I also understand they also run quite first. Thanks to this ancient practice, antelopes might just find their way up the ladder in the indengered species corner due to overwhelmingly increasing number of potency issues. The extract is said to act as a strong tonic preferably for men potency, cures pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, joint pain, and strengthens bones and muscles to mention just but a few. It might be termed cruelty by animal lovers, but ancient medicine has a way of finding its way to modern medical breakthrougs and solution to common problems. As odd as it might sound, blood might be the way to go.
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