president uhuru kenyatta has extended the curfew by 21 days

President of Kenya , His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta in a press conference today, 4th April 2020 has extended the curfew by 21 days. This is because of the rising number of Covid-19 patients in Kenya. The number has so far reached 343. Kenya has had successful recoveries of only 98 patients and 14 deaths. The curfew continues to affect the five major covid-19 epicenters in Kenya which are Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale Counties. That means that there will be no movement in and out of the said counties for the next 21 days and a mandatory curfew that takes effect from 7pm to 5am.This was right after Mandera county had been places on total lockdown on the 22nd of April 2020. The cases in Mandera had risen to 303 according to the Interior Minister, Dr. Fred Matiang’i. He, reiterates that the area is an infected area with an escalated community based rate of infection.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in a press conference today, 4th April 2020 has extended the curfew by 21 days

Rumors of British Vaccine Trials in Kenya

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With the curfew set to last another 21 days Kenyans have been puzzled by the interview on BBC that suggests that British scientists are planning to start testing the Corona Virus Vaccines in Kenya should tests fail in the United Kingdom. The scientists claim to have developed a working prototype that fights another type of corona virus. The British scientists at Oxford have successfully developed vaccines for malaria in the recent times. In the horn of Africa Kenya is the third in high cases of Covid-19. Djibouti is leading with 846 cases followed by Mauritius 328 cases. The scientists from Oxford have already commenced human trials as of April the 23rd. The program has 800 people recruited for the exercise.


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According to the daily Nation the government is planning to launch the National Hygiene Program on the April 26th of 2020. This is estimated to have around 26,000 employees and later on 100,000 youth. At this time when most businesses have shut down and most people are trying to move their businesses. Most organizations in Africa that are resilient enough to have their employees work from home have done just that. This Covid-19 crisis may have had a very negative effect of life and everything as we know it but it has taught us one thing, if a business is to survive in this time and age, it has to have some sort of online presence in place. It goes by saying that many companies might consider going online after the Covid-19 virus passes. Everybody is advised to stay at home and try and be productive if you can.


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This might also be a great chance for most young people to learn some free courses online and stay safe at home keeping themselves busy, so that when the Crisis Passes you will have maximized your alone time to gain some new skills. Walk out a new man and face the new world with more confidence.