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Diamond and Zari Reunion

Zari Reveals Why Her Ex, Diamond is Back in Her Life (The Reunion).

Zari the renowned East African princess also known as Zari the boss lady is a Ugandan socialite, musician and business woman. Zari has been...
akothee networth demystified

Esther Akothee Networth Demystified

The one and only Akothee also known by her real names as Esther Akoth is a Kenyan celebrity with several awesome hits with many...
Uber Buys Off Postmates Food Delivery for $2.65 billion

Uber Buys Off Postmates Food Delivery for $2.65 billion

Uber , the most popular ride hail company has made a major move to buy off Postmates for $2.65 billion. Postmates is an American...
mo new emojis in 2021 due to the corona virus

No New Emojis in 2021 Due To The Corona Virus

There will be no new emojis in the year 2021 due to the ripple effects caused by the novel virus that has been responsible...
British Child Molester Found

British Child Molester Found Guilty For Raping Girls In Kenya While On Holiday

Keith Morris is a British man aged 72 from Hull was recently found guilty for raping two girls while on his holiday in Kenya...

How to Make a Self-Hosted WordPress Website.

Do Want to know how to make a self hosted WordPress  website? Well you have come to the right place. The first thing you...

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