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MIT Develops Privacy Conserving

MIT Develops Privacy Conserving Covid-19 Contact Tracing Solution

MIT has develops a privacy conserving tracing technology inspired by a feature used by Apple.The feature, called "Find My" has inspired the birth of...
safaricom whatsapp number

Safaricom WhatsApp Number – Safaricom’s Zuri Chatbot

Safaricom WhatsApp number has been a very sought after phone number in Kenya by various smartphone ussers particularly in Kenya. This has mainly been...
British Child Molester Found

British Child Molester Found Guilty For Raping Girls In Kenya While On Holiday

Keith Morris is a British man aged 72 from Hull was recently found guilty for raping two girls while on his holiday in Kenya...

Interesting Facts About the African Giant That is Kenya.

We have noted down some of the most interesting facts about, Kenya. Kenya is a country located in East Africa with its capital city...
How to make your man beg

10 Things to do to Make your man beg for a sleepover

Here are the ten things you need to do to make a man beg for a sleepover. So girls let us make this very...
African Waist Beads

Waist Beads , Meaning And What Are They Used For.

Waist beads for women have been around for years in the African Culture. What does it mean when a woman wears a waist bead ...
akothee networth demystified

Esther Akothee Networth Demystified

The one and only Akothee also known by her real names as Esther Akoth is a Kenyan celebrity with several awesome hits with many...
Bugatti Veyron Masonry Vivere. The List of Top MOst Expensive Luxury Cars in 2020

The List of Top Most Expensive Luxury Cars in 2020.

There are cars and there are luxury cars. Luxury cars are not like regular cars and they offer better comfort than regular cars. Most...
Working from home due to corona lockdown has led to the future of work

Work Is Forever Changed Due to the Corona Virus: The Future of Work

Work as we know it is forever changed due to the corona virus. With governments all over the world locking down major cities and...
Facts About Babu Owino

Interesting Life Facts About Babu Owino You Never Knew About.

Paul Ongili Owino popularly known as Babu Owino is a Kenyan politician and celebrity in his own right. He has been the member of...

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