The Kenyan political narrative that often leaves me speechless each time its reviewed. The love story of forty-two tribes that would leave one in tears each time. On Independence Day, we sent away the British but remained with the problems instead of flying them out to Britain at the first chance. Our hearts go out to those men and women, both local and foreign that helped Kenya achieve independence status. Kenyan has covered a very short distance in fifty years and we have quite a number of individuals to thank for this. Kenyans payed the ultimate price which involved the loss of lives from all 42 tribes and foreign lives.


All this with a common goal entrusted to one-man Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Hopes and dreams of a nation were born that day, better schools, healthcare, infrastructure, security and improved standards of living were promised on that day. Are those not the same evolving speeches associated with the Kenyan political scene to date? Were Kenyans duped on Independence Day itself?

        Do we celebrate a lie every year in the name of Jamuhuri and Madaraka day? Are we really that united as we think?  Its striking to think that your grandparents were duped. What was stolen was your parent’s opportunity at a better life. Now they want to con you the Youth out of a better life and that of your kids. The youth should come out strongly and stand with the truth, just as our ancestors before us. To come together or fall apart, its narrowed down to those two extremes with issues of cessation coming up in the recent past. It has gained popularity and seems like the most popular option.

  Money was issued to settle Kenyans after independence, however due to mismanagement of funds Mr. Jaramogi Odinga formed the opposition to act as a watchdog for the people. This was not taken lightly, lives were lost yet again and wrongful detainment like the British was implemented. Sadly, that done to a man who fought against wrongful detainment and rallied for the release of the president from Lodwar where he was detained. The legacy Mzee left was his photo on our currency, perennial land issues and poverty accompanied with lots of speeches and little to no action. Moi took away 24 years from Kenya. As sad as it is, we can’t recover those years but we have the right to preserve the future. To plan for a better and peaceful future together or apart. Uhuru Kenyatta in turn leaves an even worse taste to the name Kenyatta on most Kenyan’s mouths. Sky rocketing debts from various institutions to bogus over valued projects and undermining the will of the Kenyan people.

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Dreams are meant to make people stronger and in focus, but it’s time we woke up from this Kenyan dream before it becomes a nightmare. We deserve better and without proper rules of engagement and respect, our destination shortens. Kenyan police bullying, raping and killing citizens who they are meant to protect. Whatever manual one uses for training these apes have proven not to work. They have no idea about police work and what it entails. Everything is just not working, it has never really worked from the start. Sadly, it took us fifty years to realize that we were heading the wrong way. Those who realized this earlier either lost their lives or got maimed and blackmailed out of that school of thought. The names of politicians that will never fade in history narrows each day. President or not, Songs of Raila Amollo Odinga will be written, children will be born and given his name, a public holiday will be put in his name. Sadly, when he is gone, just like Mandela he will bring the whole world to Kenya. Long live democracy.