The body of Chris Msando had been found in kikuyu area . This is after his car was recovered in roysambu area. The ICT manager was last seen on friday and went missing untill his body was found. The body was badly mutilated indicating that he was totured before his life was taken. It is unclear of what information was extracted from the manager that was worth killing for. It is now clear that elections in this country might not be free and fair as intended and hoped for by all kenyans.
The body was recovered by the police at 11am on saturday and took two days for them to recover the body of an IEBC manager. That sounds weird considering that the same police were looking him. The government should ensure the security of all kenyans as an official of that rank and even the deputy president are clearly not safe. This goes to say that there is no assurance of security to any other common mwananchi. The family senses foul play in the unfolding issue as un answered questions continue to pile up. Murder of innocent kenyans continues in the wake of the August 8th general election.
There is no way of knowing how many bodies will be left in the trail leading to this election, but we hope kenyans stand as one and still speak as one in the following critical days to come. This comes as illegal ballot papers in their millions have been fraudulently acquired for known purposes of rigging. The murder and acquisation of illegal ballot papers seem related as the person with the know how of the electronic system was swept out of the way of a credible election. The death of kenyan patriots is not new, from Tom Mboya to Robert Ouko and many others not even documented to date.