Android users are more loyal compared to ioS users according to a study by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners  which indicates that android users tend to be more loyal to the platform than ioS users when it comes to sticking to their respective platforms.

androidusers more loyal
 The reports indicate a steady rise in android users since 2016 with the numbers at their peak right now.
The study looked at US customers who stayed with their operating systems after upgrading their phones in 2017 to either Android or iOs.  91% stayed loyal to Android while 86% remained loyal to iOs.
Android users more loyal
Due to the availability of only two popular mobile phone operating systems users are inclined to chose either Android or iOs and invest their storage
and applications.
android users more loyal
In other news Apple is planning to change their Logos for the iPhone ,iPad and the iPod. They are to all have different logos for each different device.