advantages and disadvantages of technology

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of technology?To understand this we need to explore what technology is.What is technology? Even though we live and breathe in the age of many technological advances some people still do not have a clear picture of what technology is. Wikipedia simply states that it is the collection of skills, techniques, methods, and processes that are used in the production of goods and services or in the accomplishment of objectives. Technology can be said to have begun many years ago with the discovery of fire which increased the availability of food resources to mankind. Other early signs of technology include the invention of the wheel which helped mankind to move large and heavy objects, the invention of the telephone which largely improved how we communicated with one another. The most recent ones like the invention of the internet which further improved how human beings communicated and interacted businesses all over the world. The internet has provided information to the whole world and continues to affect many lives positively to date.

Even though technological advances have improved the way the human race does things it has however caused major concern in terms of technology dependency and factors such as environmental pollution which is majorly a by-product of increasing advancements in technology. Most people today tend to rely on technology so much more than our own ingenuity. An average cell-phone owner has become addicted to their own phones and the ever-expanding network of internet pornography has also an adverse effect on the rising generation.
With that said, let’s look at some of the advantages and shortcomings of technology as we know it.


1.    Improves businesses by providing deep insight



Data mining is a great tool for not only businesses but also organizations like schools. The data that is mined can help us pinpoint various weaknesses in a business and how to go about them. This has been a very useful tool for businesses. The same is used by Google the tech giant that mines data from your cell-phones, Google Chrome web browser, your android phone and the most recent platform launched by Google for gamers that’s called Google Stadia.

The use of Technology has improved the means of manufacturing goods which has greatly reduced the amount of waste emitted by industries.

2Technology has allowed us to learn about more cultures.



Emerging new technologies like social media have taken the world by a storm. This people from all over the world sharing their experiences on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have greatly bridged the gap between people all over the world.

The invention of better transport means has enabled traveling to various destinations very fast and efficient.

3Better communication



This has been one of the greatest achievements that have had an impact on almost everybody’s life by now. The best example can be in the form of social media. People are now able to call each other from anywhere on the planet,  great chat applications like WhatsApp allows people to share videos, pictures, audios, and even files and documents. Other platforms like Skype are even used by companies to conference call. Group calls have become so popular that even WhatsApp has it too. Communication channels have become so many and are so efficient. Others like e-mail technology have reduced a lot of paperwork in office communication and even when applying for jobs.

4. Improvements in Medicine


Increasing the use of technology in medicine has made surgical operations so efficient and reduced the number of deaths and accidents all over the world significantly.

5.       Easy access to information

With the availability of the internet, almost everything can be done online. Great search engines like Google and Bing have enabled people doing research to get the efficient information they need just by simply searching for whatever information they need and finding millions of results within seconds. You can even do your shopping online without leaving the house. There are many websites online that provide a wide variety of goods and services that can be shipped right to your doorstep. Good examples are Amazon, Jumia amongst others.

5. Creation of More Job Opportunities



     Technology has been growing at such a fast pace and has increased job opportunities for the people required to maintain them. Just in the past decade Tech companies have been growing so fast and have provided employment for millions of people. A good example is Samsung. Samsung is a mobile phone manufacturing company that has employed many people in the plants that they have in strategic countries all over the world. This even helps those economies to grow.

     6.  Saves on time


The use of computers has really helped with this. Computers have enabled many of the tedious and monotonous operations that were once done by human beings to be automated. Computers are also more efficient. This really saves on time and also allows the human workers to concentrate on more pressing matters. Manufacturing industries also benefit from meeting deadlines and making more profit. This was not possible in the early times where manufacturing companies had to hire many workers to achieve better results faster.

Disadvantages of Technology


1. Social Divide


Most of the technology that emerges is not affordable by everybody. This has really created a rift between the upper class and the class that cannot afford them. It’s only safe to assume that if one cannot afford a certain gizmo or gadget you cannot interact with the ones who can.

2. The Lazy Generation


Technology has made everything so easy that almost everything is done by machines. This has resulted in people becoming very lazy. People are slowly forgetting how things were done in the old fashioned way before the machines and smartphones and computers. This has adversely affected children that kids no longer have time to visit the library or even open a book. Kids are no longer playing outside the way some of us grew up. They are either playing video games inside or watching cat videos online and this has really affected how kids interact too. No human touch is required.

3. Creation of Destructive Weapons

creation of destructive weapons
disadvantage of technology


With recent advancements in nuclear technology, scientists have invented weapons that can blow a whole continent up. Nuclear weapons continue to be a major threat to the planet if they end up into the wrong hands. Others like the hydrogen bombs and atomic bombs also cause serious threats to the planet. It has always been long predicted that the last invention that mankind will ever create will be Artificial Intelligence and this is the most serious threat of them all and could even spell the end of the human race.

4. Destruction of the environment

Environmental destruction
environmental destruction due to technology


Continued and unsupervised use of these new technologies has led to the worst damages to the planet that there has been serious climate change all over the world. Polar ice caps are melting and the sea lines are rising which may be attributed to the increased emission of carbon (IV) oxide into the environment by the many industries that keep springing up as time continues to fly. There have been many cases of hurricanes reported with so many deaths in the wake of the disasters. Our continued use these techniques if not well supervised may inevitably lead to the destruction of the planet by increased pollution rates.

5. Effects on health

Increased use of technology such as cellphones, computers and iPod, just to mention a few have adverse psychological and physiological effects on the individuals that use them frequently. Some of them include;
social isolation
disadvantage of technology


  Social Isolation

People have increased the use of handheld gadgets to the extent of making the devices their only friends. The physical human interaction is slowly fading away. People in waiting lines would rather whip out their cell phones and stare at the screen than talk to the people around them. Human connection is becoming a thing of the past where people used to physically interact and talk and enjoy the moment together when handheld devices were a thing of the past. This has really lead to a generation of people who lack social skills which can only be gained by actively interacting with other people. The ability to read body language and social cues have really gone down. This lack of human contact may also lead to depression which currently affects millions of people in the world.


Obesity- disadvantage of technology
Obesiity is another disadvantage of technology


With everything becoming digitized even games, kids no longer go outside to play when they can just play games online or on their consoles. People do not like walking when they can easily drive to their destination. This trend has made people really lazy and if one is not very careful can develop obesity.


pros and cons of technology
advantages and disadvantages of technology


People get so restless when you take away their cellphones away from them. The internet is the home of so much entertainment just at the press of a button. Millions of teenagers are addicted to pornographic content that they are exposed to online. Addiction to social media and so on.

6.Lack of Privacy.

disadvantage and advantages of technology


With so many applications monitoring your moves they always have access to your information and what you do on the internet. Applications like Facebook monitor even your search queries when you’re not using the app. The app itself transmit your location to the service provider whenever you use their app and even when you are not. People’s addresses are all over the internet it is very easy to find out where somebody stays by just going to their Facebook profile and picking their information from there which you can even confirm by looking at their pictures.